Leadership Pulse – South Africa Last Week 17 2022- Capsule

  Agile businesses don’t just work faster, they make effective moves—pivoting at the right moment, finding resourcefulness to grow in difficult markets, seizing opportunities when others are uncertain.  And what makes a company agile is the level of learning agility among its  leaders.These leaders are grounded in a clear understanding of their reality. Let this sink in… here is our [...]

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Leadership Pulse – South Africa Last Week 16 2022- Capsule

The job of CEO more challenging. “On one hand, we’re still living amid unprecedented uncertainty, which requires a certain kind of leadership — dynamic problem solving, dynamic risk management, speed, decisiveness, transparency,” one executive observed. “At the same time, issues like climate change, racial and social justice, the political divisive- ness that we see in [...]

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Leadership Pulse – South Africa Last Week 15 2022- Capsule

  Today more so than ever,we are relying on our leaders to deliver.We're asking more of them than we have in decades. The BCG Group has coined the descriptive as Generative Leadership. They strive to leave the world in a better place than they found it. Generative Leadership entails a clear understanding of our current [...]

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Leadership Pulse – South Africa Last Week 14 2022- Capsule

    Korn Ferry ( www.kornferry.com) has identified that only 14% of Leaders are identified as those who can both Perform AND transform. This involves the ability to unite their teams behind a common purpose with empathy and compassion, reinventing across teams, their organisations and their ecosystems.They need to be grounded in a clear understanding [...]

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