Leadership is undoubedly the most important factor in true business success…..Great Leaders will enable a doubling of Profits .

The Global marketplace is truly Brutaful ( Brutal AND Beautiful) .If anyone ever queried the VUCA( Volatile,Uncertain,Chaos and Ambiguity ) concept the world Corona crisis is living evidence ! The challenges facing our South African CEO’s in this crisis are a wonderful crucible for true leadership .As we are immersed into our 2020 year, the excitement builds dramatically in our week 33 pulse view. In essence ,We have a Global Crisis ….Time for Real Leadership in all areas of our lives !

SA Covid-19 storm seemingly passes (for now) as new infections taper off, level 2 relaxations en route & alcohol/tobacco restrictions potentially lifted as top advisor Karim warns of 2nd wave🙏🤞; infections @579 140, recoveries@ 437 617 (76%), Covid deaths 11 556💉😢😷; CR gets pat on the back from WHO for Covid-19 management👏🏻; Gauteng to name companies who got COVID-19 tenders💪🤬; stage 2 loadshedding returns as eskom woes continue💡; TERS benefit extension applications open next week💰; Transnet to retreat from West Africa to focus on SADC🚂👌🏽; Total brings rig to drill fresh prospect at Mossel Bay gas find⛽️🙏; unions demand labour representation on new railway regulators board🚊; Eskom Board to debate a more speedy split🏭; public will soon be able to complain directly to NPA boss about dodgy officials🥳⚖️; JZ forced to apologize for Hanekom over spy remarks ConCourt orders🤙👊🏾; everyone associated with JZ painted as corrupt says Des v rooyen🤣🤥; SIU in fresh R3.8 bn bid to recover some stolen Gupta funds💰💰; fee paying public schools hit by financial crisis as parents fail to pay⏳; mining production fell in June despite companies ramping up operations post lockdown😤; data shows faint glimmer of hope for retailers🤞; Kganyago sticks to his guns on SARB policy👏🏻👀; business confidence troughed in May before ticking up📊; fall in manufacturing slows in May & June📉; internationally, Kamala Harris chosen as Biden running mate👌🏽🤞👀; Trump opposes postal service funding to block vote by mail🙄; US seizes 4 Iranian petrol shipments en route to Venezuela😳; Aussies vow forced isolation the only proven way to limit covid-19 transmission as Melbourne remains shut😬😷; UK economy shrinks by record 20.4% in Q2🤯😱; FED warns US faces sinkhole as economic recovery wanes😲; Mauritius in race against time as massive oil spill threatens island😤; Russia approves COVID-19 vaccine Sputnik-V rollout after mere 2 Mth testing to dismay of international community🙄💉; North Korea hit by floods amid Covid-19 & food shortage⛈💦; China carried out threat & imposes sanctions on 11 high level US citizens🥴; entire Lebanese government quits🤕; BoJo eager to get kids back to school even at expense of closing pubs🍺🤐;record number of people giving up US citizenship shows report🤫🤭; Vietnam to buy 150 million Russian vaccine doses💉; indices, JSE@57077⬆️; DOW@27931⬆️; FTSE@6090⬆️; R/$17.36; R/£22.74; R/€20.55; Bitcoin $11877; sports front, SA’s Brad Binder wins 1st MotoGP after mere 3 races🥳🏍; Graeme Smith hits back at race bias claims🏏; Rugby Australia touts “super 8” with 2 SA teams🏉; Darryl Impey Joins Chris Froome at Israel Start-up nation🚵‍♀️ ( Thanks to Dan Thomalla )

As we work through this Global Crisis ,what real Leadership change will we embark on this coming week ?