Leadership Pulse – South Africa – Week 17 2020

Leadership is the most important factor in true business success…..Great Leaders will enable a doubling of Profits .

The Global marketplace is truly Brutaful( Brutal AND Beautiful) .Wow Wow Wow …..if anyone ever queried the VUCA( Volatile,Uncertain,Chaos and Ambiguity ) concept the world Corona crisis is living evidence !The challenges facing our South African CEO’s in this crisis are a wonderful crucible for true leadership .As we are immersed into our 2020 year, the excitement builds dramatically in our week 17 pulse view. In essence ,We have a Global Crisis ….Time for Real Leadership in all areas of our lives !

CR launches massive R500 bn economic stimulus package👊🏾💰💥; CR announces phased end to lockdown, still long road ahead🤞; WC becomes new epicenter of COVID-19 infections😷; university academic year may be extended into 2021✍️; clothing sector 1st to pay out COVID-19 relief funds💸🙏; unions & state to meet for reconciliation talks over wage hikes👀; Land Bank defaults on debt, farmers urge Treasury for bailout😱; SAA on the brink, liquidation almost inevitable, at best winding down process ✈️😢; SARB expects domestic economy to decline 6.1%📊; as COVID-19 batters economy business leaders plead for structural reforms🛎; CR deploys 73 000 SANDF soldiers to assist tackling Lockdown👌🏽; CR announces R200 bn loan guarantee scheme to help banks💰; COVID-19 social grant measures to start in May👌🏽; SA secures vital protector gear stocks for health workers🙏; lockdown hammers motor industry says Toyota🚗; JZ gears up for trial of his life⚖️; internationally, Gileads coronavirus drug remdesivir fails in 1st trial🤬💉; Trumps aids & allies push for him to stop daily briefings after suggesting injecting people with disinfectants & sunlight as COVID-19 possible treatment🤣🙈; Pompeo says US may never restore WHO funding🤡; Swiss forecasts 7% decline in domestic economy for 2020📊; BoJo under pressure as economic damage of lockdown unfolds📉; Oil trades negative for 1st time ever as storage hits capacity🛢💸; India scrambles to make cheap ventilators amid COVID-19🚑; EU debt soars, highlighting north/south divide🛎💶; Trump suspends all US immigration using COVID-19 as his reasoning🙄; FDA confirms smoking increases risk of catching coronavirus🚬; signs that Hong Kong riots may flare up again🧨; Argentina calls for over $40 bn in debt relief💸💵; Japan boosts fiscal stimulus to $1.1 trillion as Coronavirus fallout depends💸💴; Brazil weighs limited QE, still bazooka may be required👀; Russia tells oil firms to slash production 20%🛢; South Koreans & Kiwis trickle back to work as lockdowns ease🤞; indices, JSE@49527⬆️; DOW@23775⬆️; FTSE@5752⬇️; R/$19.04; R/£23.48; R/€20.54; bitcoin $7547; sports front, Jake white feels super rugby season is over🏉; COVID-19 forces SA Rugby to knock R1 bn off it’s budget💰; Graeme smith opens the door for Kolpak players🏏; SA in line to benefit from world rugby’s $100 million relief plan💸; wishing all Muslims Ramadan Mubarak🌙( Thanks to Dan Thomalla )

So …..As we face this Global Crisis ,what real Leadership change will we embark on this coming week ?

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