How to Create Clarity of Purpose at Work – Free Webinar

   Three simple ways to take control and achieve excellence in your career.  Many people feel like they’ve lost control when it comes creating—or even finding—fulfilling, purpose-driven careers. In this webinar, we’ll highlight three simple steps to help you regain control, create more meaning in your work, and find activities that will add up to your best and [...]

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What to Do About the Performance Review? How Management Styles Impact Important Employee Conversations

Many organizations are making significant changes to performance review practices, such as asking managers to have more frequent conversations with their direct reports. In a survey of over 11,000 direct reports we asked employees how effective their managers were at providing honest feedback on a regular basis. Only 7% gave their managers high marks. In [...]

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When it comes to leadership, is good really good enough?

Organizations keep saying they want good leaders, but they don’t. They want great leaders. Best-selling author Joe Folkman, Ph.D., says the difference between good and great leaders is huge: Research has shown that 33 percent of direct reports of good leaders are thinking about quitting. Great leaders only have 6 percent. In a mortgage bank [...]

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One (personality) size doesn’t fit all

Many believe that to be an effective leader you need specific personality traits. For example, extraversion has consistently been associated with effective leadership, which is understandable since extraverts are more sociable and more assertive. Yet this doesn’t explain the effectiveness of leaders such as Barack Obama, who has been labelled as an introvert. Recent research [...]

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The essentials of leadership

by David Pendleton ( Edgecumbe Consulting – Founder & Associate ) The subject of leadership has spawned so many different views that it is hard for most leaders to know where to turn for clear, practical guidance on the subject. Ideas seem to come and go, reflecting the dominant themes in wider society. The prevailing [...]

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The “happily unhappy” leader

In working with leaders in “real life” business, it is very often marked by levels of “unhappiness”, anguish and in many cases total despair in the leaders moving their businesses into new space. This might have been pure survival due to cash flow challenges or decisions on future direction and growth obstacles. One can ration [...]

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