Leadership Pulse -South Africa – Week 24

Leadership is the most important factor in true business success but the ever-changing dynamic Leadership space for the South African Leader provides constant challenges and magnificent opportunities for all our Leaders …….our week 24 synopsis.

Week 24 that was :- More than 70% of SA business highly unhappy with current economic conditions😤; SA gold slump continues as annual production falls by 19.5%😬⤵; SA platinum mines brace for “substantial” wage demands🙄💸; SA’s bank transaction increase maybe a good sign of growth to come🤞; public protector rubbishes claims of targeting Gordhan, says bravery is her cardinal sin🤔; ANC bickering poses serious risk to both consumer & economy😳; CR signs carbon tax bill after 10 yrs in making, signals CR willing to take hard decisions💪👏🏻; unions demand board removals at SAA in wake of Jarana resignation😲✈; analysts see SARB independence threats as hand grenade with pin out for SA credibility🤬😡💣; commission recommends Eskom cancel boiler contract over 0% black ownership👌🏽☄; optimism after elections lifts trade conditions in May📈; annual retail sales increase by 2.4% for April📊; murder accused linked to money transfer to Gupta linked Hong Kong firm⚖💰; SABC executive producer sacked in jobs-for-cash scam👏🏻; competition tribunal approves ABSA & Societe Generale deal🙏; SARB Governor says forecasting model suggests there may be room for rate cuts📉; parliament trims SONA budget in sign CR is serious💸💸💸; government urged to ditch “AirBnB” bill🤞; mboweni clamps down on mayoral gravy train🙏👍; Mkhwebane now serves CR with section 7(9) notice, confirms her investigation into him🤥; internationally, Hong Kong extradition bill furore sees mass protests😱; US/Iran tensions rocket as oil tankers attacked in Straight of Hormuz, oil spikes⛽🚢🧨; EU claims evidence  that Russia tried to stoke division in recent elections😡; US companies voice concern over china trade dispute🤔; Trumps White House mouth piece, Sarah Saunders, resigns as press secretary🤡; Boris Johnson tops 1st round Tory vote for British prime minister👊🏾; Chinese vehicle sales crash as US trade war intensifies📉🚗; US CPI increases to 1.9% y-on-y, pressure on FED for rate reduction🏦📊; Macron warns of “wealth capture” & “”capitalism gone mad”⌛; indices, JSE@58193⬆; DOW@26089⬇; FTSE@7345⬆; R/$14.81; R/£18.65; R/€16.61; Bitcoin $8691; sports front, under pressure Proteas brace for 5 consecutive quarter finals🏏; Swiss Supreme Court denies IAAF’s request to re-impose regulations on Caster Semenya 🏃‍♀; Bafana Bafana rise to 72nd in FIFA rankings⚽; Baby Boks power to World Champs semis after ALL Blacks victory🏉 ( Thanks to Dan Thomalla )

The Leadership key question now – What to Do – as Leaders ?

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